Women – Could Your Sex Drive use a Tune-Up?

Our pharmacists receive numerous information requests each week from women, asking if there is something that we make that can help improve their sex drive (libido).

Underlying medical conditions, certain medications, or emotional issues may cause a decrease in libido and sexual response. However, assuming that all of those potential contributory factors have been ruled out, we have had great success working with physicians and recommending a compounded clitoral cream containing a low-dose of natural (100% bio-identical) testosterone.   We have hundreds of women clients using low-dose testosterone who can attest to how it has dramatically improved their libido, and improve their ability to achieve orgasm.

Testosterone for Women?  Testosterone was discovered decades ago, but only recently have doctors begun to understand its role in women. Both men and women produce testosterone, however women produce about 5-10% as much testosterone as men.  Testosterone plays an important role in maintaining sexual desire, energy level, sense of well-being, as well as the strength and integrity of skin, muscle, and bone. There is a gradual drop in testosterone production in women beginning at age 30. Women who have had their ovaries removed have lower levels of testosterone (it is estimated that testosterone production declines by 40-50% after ovary removal). Stress may also play a role in decreased levels.  All women should first ask their doctor to order a baseline test of their ‘free testosterone’ level to determine if replacement is something to consider. Blood tests or saliva tests are both reliable.  Saliva testing is a convenient and non-invasive way to determine if a woman has low testosterone or an underlying hormonal imbalance.

Testosterone can stimulate a woman’s “desire” to have sex.   But there are some women who have desire, but avoid sexual activities because intercourse is too painful.  In many of these situations, vaginal dryness is the culprit.  Many prescribers recommend low-dose vaginal estrogen to bring natural moisture back to the vaginal tissues.  If you are always needing to use lubrication prior to sexual activities, you likely have significant vaginal dryness.  Have an honest discussion with your prescriber.   Vaginal estrogen is not safe for

A compounded recipe of Testosterone 4mg/Gm, with a dosage of ½ Gm (=2mg of Testosterone) applied directly to the clitoris daily for 7-10 days, then used 2-4 times weekly for maintenance, is a common way prescribers order testosterone for women.  If a woman is also experiencing significant vaginal dryness or vaginal thinning, the addition of Estradiol 0.1mg/Gm may be beneficial.  We can also add Progesterone (5-10mg/Gm) for women to help balance the effects of estrogen.

Women are advised against using any testosterone products formulated for men.  These products contain testosterone concentrations that are several magnitudes greater than what is required for a woman.  There is absolutely no way to safely measure the recommended amount for a woman to use.  Additionally, the men’s products are formulated in hydroalcoholic gels which are very irritating if applied vaginally.

Testosterone cream is available by prescription only.  The cream base we use is propylene glycol (PPG) free and does not contain parabens, perfumes, or fragrances.

Have an open conversation with your prescriber about your libido.  If they are interested in prescribing testosterone for you, they can simply call our pharmacy (530-345-7979) and phone in the prescription directly to one of our pharmacists.  We can also add low-dose estrogen to the formulation to help with vaginal dryness – Note: if you are currently using vaginal estrogen, combining estrogen and testosterone into a single cream may result in a significant cost savings for you.  Because Testosterone is a controlled substance, and regulated by the DEA, we are not allowed to ship testosterone-containing products to addresses outside of California.