Apothecary Options is a professional compounding pharmacy located in Chico, CA.  We first opened for business in July, 2002.  We are a licensed pharmacy in the State of California.

We do not dispense regular prescriptions. We specialize in the preparation of unique dosage forms and drug delivery systems that are not commercially available. Our pharmacists have received special training and advanced coursework in compounding. We only use FDA-approved ingredients, which we purchase directly from a handful of FDA-licensed US suppliers.

Our prices are very competitive and our products are of the highest quality.  We regularly test the potency of our final products using an independent analytical laboratory.  If you live in California and would like a price quote on an item that you are currently having compounded by another pharmacy, please call us toll-free at 1-866-586-4633.  We appreciate your business!

Apothecary Options is not licensed for sterile compounds.

Steve Edgar, RPh, MBA, owner/compounding pharmacist
Matthew Schuler, RPh, owner/compounding pharmacist

Lee Pharmacy, first Pharmacy in Chico, CA, 1857

Lee Pharmacy, 1st Pharmacy in Chico, CA, 1857