Long-Covid (Post-Covid Syndrome;Long-Haulers) And Low-Dose Naltrexone

We've been receving a large number of phones calls requesting low-dose Naltrexone for use in managing symptoms of Long-COVID (Long-Haulers, Post-COVID syndrome).  There are a number of providers that have already been using Low-Dose Naltrexone for this condition.  We fill all strengths of low-dose naltrexone and ship anywhere in California.   Attached below is a link to a recent article that was published that speaks to LDN's use in COVID.  The Provider's in the article go on to say they have seen improvements in their patients.  One such facility at Stanford and they are actively prescribing LDN for Post-Covid Syndrome at [...]

Long-Covid (Post-Covid Syndrome;Long-Haulers) And Low-Dose Naltrexone2022-10-19T09:50:50-07:00

New Troche for Erectile Dysfunction

Providers have been requesting troches that contain the medications used for helping with erectile dysfunction (i.e. sildenafil, tadalafil, vardenafil).  Troches have been shown to have a faster onset of action, less drug or food interactions and avoid unwanted metabolism as compared to when medications are swallowed. Even more exciting is that they are adding a drug called APOMORPHINE to the troche.  You're probably asking what is apomorphine and what does it do.  Click here to learn more about Apomorphine or go to our Men's health section in our education page. Give us a call or talk to your provider for [...]

New Troche for Erectile Dysfunction2021-06-11T08:10:16-07:00

Hand Sanitizer

Pharmaceutical grade Hand Sanitizer Solution per FDA requirements for sale at Apothecary Options while supplies last. Limit 2 per vehicle. Cash only (prefer exact change to limit contact). Curbside pickup- Please call when you arrive, stay in your car, and we will bring the hand sanitizer to your vehicle. Current Patients- Can be add to mailed prescriptions at no additional charge. CALL 530-345-7979 HOURS- M-F 08:30-5:30 (CLOSED 12:30-1:30)

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