Mouth Rinse Options

Tranexamic acid (tran-ex-am-ik) is an antifibrinolytic agent which is used to treat or prevent serious bleeding, especially bleeding associated with dental surgery or dental procedures – it is useful in patients with bleeding disorders such as hemophilia, or for patients who are taking anticoagulants or blood thinners such as warfarin, Pradaxa, Eliquis, Xarelto, aspirin, Aggrenox, Plavix, and others.  Your doctor may prescribe this medication for you to take before and after a dental procedure.

Tranexamic mouth rinse requires a valid prescription from your dentist or doctor.  

Click here to download a pre-printed prescription form.

Triamcinolone is a corticosteroid (kor-ti-ko-STER-oyd).  Dental corticosteroids are used to reduce inflammation and relieve the discomfort and redness of some mouth and gum problems. It belongs to the general family of medicines called steroids.  This medication is available by prescription only.

Proper Use of This Medicine – Rinse, Hold and Spit as directed.  

Do not use corticosteroids more often or for a longer time than your doctor or dentist has ordered.  To do so may increase the chance of absorption triamcinolone through the lining of the mouth and causing unwanted side effects.  Do not use this medicine for other mouth problems without first checking with your medical doctor or dentist.

This product requires a valid prescription from your dentist or other licensed prescriber.

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