What Does Men’s Health Mean to You?

Men’s health can mean different things to different people.  What concerns one man, another may not necessarily care for.  Men’s health may mean being in shape and working out, losing weight and looking good. To another, it can mean having the libido, desire, or even energy to perform. Studies show that about half of all men over the age of 40 are effected by Erectile Dysfunction and can have effects on your psychological and emotional well being, not to mention your partner relationships.  Men’s health can also mean taking care of the hair we have, taking measures to prevent its loss, and even trying therapies to grow it back.  At Apothecary Options we care about men’s health and that’s why we offer a number of compounded medications specifically formulated for your particular need.

What Do We Compound?






Apomorphine (click on the links below for additional reading regarding the use of Apomorphine in ED)


For information about these products,  give us a call or speak with your health care Provider.