Progesterone Vaginal Suppositories for Helping Prevent Recurrent Miscarriages

Progesterone is a progestational (supports gestation/pregnancy) reproductive hormone that is often administered to patients during infertility treatment.  Recent research by the University of Illinois at Chicago, and Yale University, indicates that progesterone may be the key to preventing recurrent miscarriages.  In the study, which appeared in the Journal of Fertility and Sterility, 68% of women who used progesterone during early pregnancy successfully delivered babies, despite having had at least two previous pregnancy losses.1,2 In the study, progesterone supplementation was continued through week 10 of pregnancy.

Early in pregnancy, progesterone is manufactured by the corpus luteum (a small cyst-like structure that forms in the ovary after ovulation).  It is theorized that progesterone causes the endometrium (the lining of the uterus) to produce more endometrial secretions, which helps to feed the developing embryo up until about the 8th week of pregnancy, at which time the mother’s blood supply takes over the feeding responsibilities.  Many fertility experts recommend starting progesterone 2 days after ovulation (use ovulation testing strips or devices to determine your actual date of ovulation), and continuing until 1) your next period starts (which indicates that you are not pregnant) or, 2) if pregnant, continue using progesterone through the first trimester of pregnancy or as determined by your prescriber.  If you choose to use progesterone for pregnancy support, use only natural, micronized, bio-identical progesterone, not a synthetic progestin substitute.

Apothecary Options compounds micronized progesterone vaginal suppositories in a variety of strengths.  The most common strengths are 100mg and 200mg suppositories, which are typically used daily at bedtime.  If you are using progesterone, it is important not to skip any days.  Skipping a dose could cause your progesterone levels to drop and might possibly trigger a miscarriage.  Our suppositories are prepared with a special fatty acid suppository base and contain only micronized, bio-identical progesterone.  Bio-identical progesterone is derived from plant sources and is indistinguishable from what your body produces naturally.  Women who have suffered multiple pregnancy losses should talk to their providers about progesterone supplementation.  Natural progesterone is safe to use in early pregnancy and is relatively inexpensive.

Progesterone vaginal suppositories are designed to melt at body temperature.  Refrigerated shipping is recommended during warm weather months.  Extra shipping charges will apply.

We can also compound progesterone/estradiol combination suppositories which are used by several fertility clinics.  Call our office (530-345-7979) for current pricing.

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